A Modern Garage For Modern Life

Chamberlain has designed the best garage door opener to keep up with your fast-paced, modern life. Quality parts make it long-lasting, while built-in MyQ technology lets you use your smartphone to access your garage from anywhere.

Made Better To Work Better

From long-lasting, durable parts to WiFi connectivity, everything that goes into our garage door openers is designed to make them more dependable, secure and give you access no matter where you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this garage door opener work with any door height?

This 5 – piece rail system fits garages with 7-ft high garage doors. An extension kit is required for garage doors 8-ft (model 8808CB) or 10-ft (model 8810CB) in height.

Will this garage door opener work with HomeLink?

Most vehicles makes/models will work with HomeLink. Certain vehicle make/models may require a compatibility bridge device to operate your garage door opener via the HomeLink button. To check your vehicle’s compatibility please visit bridge.chamberlain.com.

What accessories come with this Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener?

This opener includes 2 three-button remote controls, a wireless keypad, an LCD wall control and safety sensors.

What tools will I need to install this garage door opener?

Click here for list of tools that you may need.

What smartphones will work with the MyQ App?

The MyQ App will work with:

  • iPhone® (3GS models and later)
  • IPod Touch® (3rd– 5th generations)
  • Android phones (2.3.3 and later)
  • Any other connected device using browser and mobile website.

Is there a service fee associated with using the MyQ app and smartphone control?

No. There is no charge to use the MyQ app or service. You can download the app for free using GooglePlay or the Apple App Store.

If I don't have my phone on hand, can I still use my existing traditional remote to open and close my garage door?

Yes, your existing remote will still work. If you choose to use your traditional remote, the MyQ app on your phone will continue to send you activity notifications like normal.

What happens if I lose my phone?

Don’t worry! You can visit the online MyQ web portal at www.mychamberlain.com to update your login credentials or access your garage.

I want notifications if my door has been left open, but only between 7 – 10. Can I do that?

Yes, go to the rules section of the app and set the specific time frames that you’d like to receive notifications.

How secure is this product? What kind of encryption does it use?

The MyQ security does not rely only on the Wi-Fi's security settings. Our communications from the Wi-Fi Garage Door opener through our servers, and to any web portal, have at least 128-bit encryption or more. When the MyQ Garage commands the garage door opener, it will use all security measures of the original remote.

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